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== Go to ==
== Go to ==
*[[How to add external email to a task?]]
*[[How to add external message to a task?]]
*[[Work in Planfix by means of email]]
*[[Work in Planfix by means of email]]

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Any response to notification message from Planfix task will be added to that task as a new action.


  • files attached to the response will be automatically uploaded to Planfix
  • all users who received previous notification will receive your response to it

This functionality allows you to communicate on a task without logging in Planfix. In many cases, this is convenient, and sometimes even fundamentally affects the possibility of communication, for example:

  • for customers and partners who do not want to work in Planix;
  • for users of mobile devices with limited functionality, but supporting email messages;
  • for external contacts (freelancers, contractors, customers, etc.) whom you do not want to connect to your account.

Important notice

If the response to the action comes from an email address that does not exist in your account, then:

  • a contact with this email and name will be created
  • this contact will be added as task participant
  • action containing the text of the response will be created from his/her name

In this regard, it makes sense to pay attention to the address from which you respond to notification letters from Planfix. If you use redirect and the response is sent from a different address, Planfix will create a contact with your name and connect it to the task. The presence of two participants with the same names in the task will certainly puzzle your colleagues. You can avoid this by writing the additional emails you use to respond from to your user card in the Additional email address field.

Similarly, you can add an email to the card of any contact that can respond you from different addresses.

Rules of adding email messages to the existing tasks

For more flexible processing of messages, added to task via email you can configure rules of pricessing messages, coming to a task.

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