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*[[Work in Planfix by means of email]]
*[[Work in Planfix by means of email]]
*[[Feature Description]]

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Each user connected to your Planfix account has a mailbox like login@name_of_account.planfix.com

Exact email addresses you can see in the list of employees in Company section, and in Account management section.

If you send a message to one of these mailboxes, it will automatically become a task, assigned to the employee.


  • message subject will become task name
  • message body will become task description
  • attached files will be attached to the task

Using this opportunity you can not only set tasks to your employees but also accept applications from clients.

Additional parameters of the created task can be set using Rules of creating tasks via email.

Alternative addresses

Besides personal mailboxes for employees, Planfix supports other email addresses, sending mail to which will create tasks using rules:

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