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Creating and editing rules is standard for Planfix:

  • All the rules that apply to the employee are listed in his/her user card, in Rules for tasks from email
  • The rule is created by clicking the New Rule button on the toolbar
  • To edit the rule, you need to mark it in the list and click the Edit button on the toolbar

The interfaces for creating and editing rules are identic:

  • At the top, you need to write Name of the rule that will help you easily understand what it is about when you are on the rules list
  • Then you need to specify a condition (If:), to which the processed message must correspond to apply the rule
  • If the condition is met, the system will perform one of the actions you have selected:


  • If the option "Use template" is selected, in addition to selecting the basic task template, you can specify any number of additional parameters. Each new parameter is added with the link Add action

Possible conditions:

Possible actions:

Important notice

Please, pay attention: all texts processed by the rules are case sensitive. That is, the letter with the text "Order" will not fall under the rule, in the condition of which the text "order" is indicated. In order for the letter to work out in both cases, you will have to create a separate rule for each of them.

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